Former NFL star Michael Irvin Settles Marriott Lawsuit

Apparently there was no foul on the play after all in the dispute between former NFL star Michael Irvin and Marriott International.

The NFL wide receiver-turned-commentator Michael Irvin and Marriott International have come to an agreement after the hotel chain notified the league in February about an incident between him and a female employee just before Super Bowl LVII.

On Feb. 6, an unidentified woman complained to her employer, the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown, that Irvin made sexually suggestive remarks to her in the lobby the night before, The Dallas Morning News reported. She also said he promised to track her down later in her workweek – accusations he denied. At the time, Irvin was a guest there.

Irvin, 57, a former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, filed a $100 million defamation and tortious interference in business relationship lawsuit against Marriott International Inc. and six other individuals, including a Jane Doe.

“We are pleased that Mr. Irvin is dismissing his lawsuit against Marriott and all Marriott parties with prejudice and without any payment from Marriott,” Sara Conneighton, Marriott International’s vice president of communications and consumer PR in the U.S. and Canada, told news sources.

According to the Morning News, Irvin reportedly admitted to drinking throughout dinner that night and couldn’t remember the specifics of his conversation with the female Marriott staffer.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee received the raw footage of his discussion with the woman in the lobby on March 10 and made it public four days later. The conversation lasted around one minute and 45 seconds, during which time Irvin initiated physical contact, which included brief arm pats and a handshake before they parted ways. In a 12-second period, the woman twice moved away from Irvin, seemingly uncomfortable.

After being kicked out of the hotel, ESPN and NFL Media canceled Irvin’s public engagements during Super Bowl week.

In time for Sunday’s 14-game NFL slate in the first week of the 2023 regular season, NFL Media, the organization running the NFL Network, removed Irvin’s indefinite suspension.

Alex Riethmiller, NFL Media’s vice president of communication, confirmed to the Morning News that “Michael Irvin has been reinstated and will be a part of NFL Network’s coverage of the 2023 season.”

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