Pro Golfer Tony Finau Facing Millions in Lawsuits From Former Friends

PGA Tour golfer Tony Finau has seen a lot of success on the course. But according to news sources, two men are now alleging that they are owed portions of that profit. A report by The Deseret News, a news outlet based in Utah where Finau grew up, details accusations by two men, Molonai Hola, a former business associate and family friend, and David Hunter, a Utah businessman.

Hola filed suit in 2020, while Hunter did so in 2021. Both men say they financially backed Finau – and his younger brother Gipper – which helped them get their pro careers started. The Deseret News reported that Hola and Hunter, who are not collaborating, are requesting compensation for loans, work and services they claim to have provided to the family between 2006 and 2009. The amount they are seeking is approximately $1.1 million.

A complaint filed against the Finaus in 2020 is headed for trial, while a separate lawsuit dismissed in 2021 has been partially reinstated by an appellate court. Finau has made $37.3 million in on-course earnings, good for 27th all-time, since joining the PGA Tour in 2015. Thanks to his off-the-course ventures, his overall net worth is estimated to be closer to 50 million dollars.

“People ask why we think we’re entitled to his earnings. We ask back, ‘Who risks $500,000 on a 17-year-old kid who hadn’t done a thing yet in pro golf? We deserve to be compensated for that,” Hunter told The Deseret News.

“We never comment on matters of a legal nature … and are confident that the legal process will carry out in due course,” Finau’s manager, Chris Armstrong of the Wasserman Media Group, told The Deseret News.

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