Boston Globe Sued by Sports Betting Company for Breach of Contract

According to news sources, a global sports betting media company is suing Boston Globe Media Partners, claiming it breached a contract last year to develop and promote content related to sports wagering for the website.

The lawsuit was filed by Better Collective USA, the New York-based arm of Copenhagen-based Better Collective, on April 28 in Suffolk Superior Court. According to the complaint, the two companies entered the agreement on Aug. 19, 2022, about five months after mobile sports betting was made legal in Massachusetts.

That agreement involved fees paid by Better Collective to the Globe in order for to “develop, maintain and host a subsection of its website to display the betting content on agreed-upon URLs, such subsection defined as the ‘Betting Hub,’” according to the lawsuit.

Betting Collective notified the Globe on Feb. 8, 2023, that it believed the media company had breached the agreement in several ways, including by failing to make changes to website content and operations suggested by Better Collective, and failing to design the Betting Hub and comply with its marketing commitments. Better Collective asked for a reduction in the amount of the fees it paid to the Globe as a result, saying that such reductions were written into the original agreement, the lawsuit said.

“Globe Media refused even to discuss any reduction in fees and failed to cure its material breaches of the agreement,” the lawsuit states. Better Collective also stated in the lawsuit that it believes the Globe refused to negotiate “because it wants to end its relationship with BC so that it could enter into and/or expand its business relationship with DraftKings on more favorable terms to Globe Media.”

In its lawsuit, Better Collective alleges that the Globe not only breached the contract but engaged in “Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices” under state law.

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