Colorado Swingers Club Sued for Being On the Wrong Side of the Highway

There is definitely a country song that could be made from this case. A new lawsuit filed Monday aims to stop sex at The Office due to its illegal location according to local zoning laws. 

According to news sources, the city of Centennial, Colorado has filed the suit against the owner of The Office, located in the Southgate shopping center west of I-25 and south of Arapahoe Road. The suit claims the property is used as a sexually-oriented business, and that rooms are “equipped with items generally used only for the purposes of engaging in specified sexual activities,” including condoms, bondage devices, and a chair outfitted with “attachments” not typically found in a traditional office setting. 

According to Centennial’s Land Development Code, sexually-oriented businesses are only permitted on land east of I-25, south of Arapahoe Road, west of Havana Street, and north of Costilla Avenue. The Office is located west of I-25, which violates city code. The city sent The Office a cease and desist letter in August, around the time the lawsuit says the business started operating. 

Also according to CBS news, the website for the business lists entry prices – $25 for single females, $50 for single males and couples, or $30 for single females and $60 for couples and single males at the door. 

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