Sports Betting Data Companies Settle 2020 Litigation

Sports betting data companies Genius Sports and Sportradar have resolved their legal battle that dated back to 2020. “The litigation has been resolved,” Genius Sports said in a statement.

“The resolution enables FDC to continue to license and market FDC data, in future as it determines. Genius Sports shall maintain the exclusive right to provide low latency Official FDC betting data rights through 2024.”.

According to the settlement, Sportradar has agreed to refrain from unofficial in-stadia scouting of Premier League, Football League, and Scottish Professional Football League matches, and has purchased a sublicense from Genius Sports for a delayed feed to be marketed as the Official FDC Secondary Feed, through 2024.

Genius Sports is an official data, technology and broadcast partner used in over 150 countries worldwide. Genius Sports is a partner to over 400 sports organizations, including many of the world’s largest leagues and federations such as the NFL, EPL, FIBA, NCAA, NASCAR, AFA and Liga MX. In 2021, Genius Sports Group signed a multi-year deal with the NFL to become the league’s exclusive data partner.

The lawsuit stems from Genius Sports and a British firm representing the data rights of professional football leagues in England and Scotland, Football DataCo, inking a partnership.

Under the deal, Genius Sports obtained the exclusive rights to license and offer live data from the Football League, the Scottish Professional Football League, and the Premier League. Genius Sports and Sportradar compete along with Endeavor for gambling data services. Sports betting is a global business worth billions of dollars annually.

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