Lifetime Sock Warranty on Trial as Man Files Suit Against Sports Retailer

You know a lifetime can be a very LONG time so it’s always surprising to see how many companies offer lifetime guarantees on products. I mean, there isn’t even a guarantee that any business will be around for another year—let alone a lifetime. This brings us to a new case involving a Missouri man who has filed a class action lawsuit against Bass Pro, claiming they refused to honor a lifetime warranty on socks he purchased. 

The lawsuit, filed this month by Springfield resident Kent Slaughter, claims Bass Pro has uniformly misrepresented to consumers that its apparel product “Redhead Lifetime Guarantee All-Purpose Wool Socks” is sold with a lifetime guarantee.

According to the suit, Slaughter purchased socks from Bass Pro in hopes of a lifetime warranty, and (he said) the warranty was a major factor in his decision to purchase the socks.

The lawsuit states that at one time, Bass Pro would replace the socks with a free replacement each time the socks would wear out, but that now Bass Pro replaces the socks with a new, different pair of socks that only comes with a limited 60-day warranty. The suit states that Bass Pro has now added a stripe design to the 60-day socks so that employees know that no warranty will be honored for those socks beyond the limited warranty period.

According to the lawsuit, between 2014 and 2021, Slaughter purchased a total of 12 socks from the Bass Pro superstore in Springfield. It says Slaughter returned multiple pairs of socks starting in 2015 and got a no-charge exchange under the lifetime warranty. But according to Slaughter, things changed in 2021 when he attempted to return four pairs of socks. 

The suit says he was told that the store clerk could not assist with the exchange. Eventually, he was given the distinctively-marked 60-day socks.

First of all, what on earth is this guy doing with his socks? Secondly, if you offer a lifetime warranty, it’s very likely that some consumers will take full advantage of it and a court may determine that you are legally required to honor it.

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