Black Mold at the Center of Landlord/Tenant Dispute

A Virginia-based dialysis center is facing legal action from its landlord and a neighboring tenant over an alleged toxic mold issue they say poses a health risk for patients and staff in the building. But according to news sources, two separate investigations have reached different conclusions about the severity of the mold problem.

The owner of the building, Carriage Lane Complex LLC, and a neighboring tenant in the building, Warrenton Oxygen Wellness, are suing Warrenton Dialysis over what they claim is extensive mold growth – including black mold – caused by leaking water in the dialysis center. And both companies are asking Fauquier County’s Circuit Court to issue an emergency injunction that will allow the property owner to enter the facility and repair the damage. 

“Everyone that goes in the building is immuno-compromised,” Ralph Crafts, the owner of Warrenton Oxygen Wellness, told the Fauquier Times. “This is a time bomb.”

Crafts said the mold problem has caused numerous setbacks for Warrenton Oxygen Wellness. He said the business has spent nearly $2 million to set up its office but can only operate at “a limited capacity” until the mold problem is resolved.

Warrenton Oxygen Wellness specializes in “hyperbaric oxygen therapy” – a treatment that involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment to treat illnesses and injuries such as burn wounds, traumatic brain injuries and serious infections. This treatment is also being studied for its effectiveness in treating long COVID-19.

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