Are there too many lawsuits in California?

Victor Gomez is pretty upset. A franchise owner on California’s central coast for 17 years, he’s now speaking out against what he calls “shakedown lawsuits.” He writes in a recent op-ed article, “California’s atrocious legal environment coupled with the Legislature’s relentless pursuit of liability expanding principles has earned the Golden State the dubious honor of being named the ‘Top Everlasting Judicial Hellhole’ in the nation, by the American Tort Reform Foundation.”

He continues, “We have received this unfortunate honor, not once, but 16 times over the past 20 years. The result? Californians pay for lawsuit abuse and excessive tort costs in the form of an annual “tort tax” of nearly $575 per person. The costs of this litigation also result in nearly 210,000 jobs lost each year.”

He goes on to discuss the apparent abuse in filing ADA suits, saying “Unfortunately, businesses are rarely given a warning or even a customer complaint about noncompliance until suit-happy trial lawyers take them straight to court.”

Gomez concludes by saying, “As small businesses struggle to stay afloat, the cost of an abusive shakedown lawsuit could very well put them out of business for good. Almost 60% of Californians believe that lawmakers are not doing enough to combat lawsuit abuse.”

So is he right? We know disputes are EVERYWHERE, but should there be less? And can you really count on lawmakers (aka mostly lawyers) to REDUCE the amount of lawsuits for businesses?

Well, when those things negatively impact YOU and/or YOUR business including bankruptcies, landlord/tenant matters including unlawful detainers, contract issues, nuisance ADA claims and even collections, call in your good guy business litigator, Dean Sperling to resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind!

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