San Diego’s Scooter Problem Goes to Court

You know those little scooters you see in various downtown areas that are supposed to make zipping around those areas, safe and simple? Well, nothing comes without a price and now the City of San Diego is suing scooter companies to get them to pay the city’s costs to defend any lawsuits generated by the two-wheeled vehicles that have proliferated on public sidewalks. 

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that City Attorney Mara Elliott filed suit recently against Bird, Lyft and a handful of other firms that signed operating agreements with San Diego to rent the dock-less scooters. The filing comes after disability-rights advocates sued the city in federal court alleging the scooters are too often left in the way of pedestrians, clogging public rights of way and endangering people who use wheelchairs or are visually impaired. 

That class-action suit initially named the scooter companies as defendants, but a judge dismissed them from the complaint last year, leaving the city as the sole defendant. According to the city’s new lawsuit, the companies’ operating agreements specifically require Bird, Lyft and other firms to defend San Diego from any litigation related to the scooters.

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