Dispute Over Flintstones Decorations Makes Homeowner $125K Richer

Yabba-Dabba-See You in Court —  That’s what Florence Fang got when her caveperson-esque home in Hillsborough, California was declared a “public nuisance” due to her various lawn ornaments featuring everyone’s favorite stone-age cartoon family.

The lawsuit is now settled and now, Fang will get to keep the dinosaur sculptures, Yabba Dabba Doo sign, and other fun additions that spurred it. “Fred and Wilma will stay at their home,” Fang’s lawyer Angela Alioto says. As part of the settlement, the town of Hillsborough will pay Fang $125,000 to cover the cost of the lawsuit, as reported by The Palo Alto Daily Post. Fang will also need to apply for the proper permits, though according to the same Palo Alto report, the permits will be approved once they are received.

The Flinstone Home, as it’s become known, was constructed by architect William Nelson in 1976, according to Business Insider. The structure was originally painted off-white but was later reimagined in orange and purple, already leading some neighbors to call the property an eyesore.

Sources report the home’s architect says he never intended the unique structure to be “Flinstones”-themed though he says, “Why shouldn’t the house be fun? Why shouldn’t environments that we do be fun? Why shouldn’t architecture that we do be fun? This is fantastic, and this is what Florence has caused to happen.”

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