When the Lease Says No, It’s No—Even If the Lease is From 1979

Ahhh the 70’s. Bellbottom pants, funky colors and definitely a simpler time. But a lease first created for a business in 1979 continues to be a problem for a local market.

The lease says clearly that the tenant cannot use the common area to store its empty shopping carts. The market claims that it needed to use this area as an “operational necessity.” The landlord told the market tenant to move the carts or be in violation of the lease and kicked out.

Dean Sperling Law jumped right in on behalf of the landlord to get to a resolution sending a perform or quit notice to the tenant regarding the ongoing cart storage issue in the common area at the front of the store. Dean says, “Even though the lease is very old and has some amendments, the lease says no—and no still means no.”

This dispute looks like it’s going to trial soon just like so many that are filed every single day. And when legal disputes negatively affect YOU and YOUR business, including contracts, nuisance ADA claims, landlord/tenant matters and even collections, call in the good guy business litigator, Dean Sperling, who will work to resolve your matter with YOUR best interests in mind!