Amtrak Settles Multi-Million dollar ADA Claim with DOJ

U.S. passenger railroad Amtrak will pay $2.25 million to resolve civil claims by the Justice Department that it discriminated against passengers with disabilities. Amtrak also agreed to fix up train stations that failed to accommodate wheelchair-bound passengers and others with limited mobility.

The Justice Department said Amtrak had violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by failing to upgrade its stations to accommodate passengers, even though the railroad was given 20 years to do so since the law’s 1990s passage.

Amtrak was meant to have implemented the appropriate changes by July 26, 2010, the department added. Under the terms of the settlement, Amtrak will be required over the next 10 years to design at least 135 train stations to be more accessible to disabled patrons, complete construction at 90 of those stations and have at least 45 more under construction.

The $2.25 million will be placed into a settlement fund that will be used to compensate victims who were harmed and unable to readily travel.

Now, this was a pretty clear cut case of negligence by the railroad, but many ADA claims are without significant merit and simply designed to make money for enterprising attorneys and their clients.  Those kinds of disputes are EVERYWHERE and can even be filed against a company’s website!  When legal actions threaten YOU and YOUR business, including landlord/tenant matters, contract issues, nuisance ADA claims and even collections, call in the good guy business litigator, Dean Sperling, to resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind!  

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