The Legal Battle Behind Stan, the World’s Most Expensive Dinosaur Fossil

He’s big. 13 feet tall and 40 feet long with 58 teeth. And he’s been dead a good long while. But it turns out dead things can still cause fights.

As is the case with the rock-star fossil hunter Larson brothers who dug up Stan aka the most expensive dinosaur bones in the world and have been locked in a bitter dispute after a family fall out.  

For years, legendary paleontologist brothers Peter and Neal Larson worked together on some of the most monumental fossil finds, but tensions mounted several years ago when younger brother Neal called for a larger percentage of their business. 

The escalating feud resulted in Peter, 68, firing his 65-year-old brother and Neal filing a lawsuit in retaliation, according to media reports. The suit led to a deal in which the brothers would split their assets with Neal acquiring their star find, the T-Rex Stan, thought to be worth between $6 million to $8 million. 

Yet earlier this month, Stan smashed all fossil sale records at auction, selling for a massive $32 million and leaving the brothers’ ongoing feud even more tense.   

Peter said that he is now focusing on restructuring the institute so that ‘something horrible like this never happens again’.  Yet he says that he couldn’t help root for Stan the T-Rex once the auction started breaking records. 

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