What Residential Landlords Can Do in Tenant v. Tenant Legal Matters

Let’s talk about neighbors. We all have them, but just how well do we know them?  A recent survey from Pew Research suggests that 75 percent of us don’t know our neighbors. And a recent case from the Sperling law files shows the importance of neighbors getting along in a civilized manner.

Our story begins with some tenants moving into a residential building in Orange County, CA.  A very nice Latino couple with a 4-year-old. Apparently their presence in the building upset and angered another downstairs tenant, an Asian man who told them numerous times “you don’t belong here.” After security cameras were installed and the less-than-neighborly behavior was caught on tape, the property landlord got involved and brought in the expert services of Dean Sperling to help out. The landlord wanted to keep the Latino couple as tenants so Dean created a few legal resolutions to the problem.  

Dean helped the tenants file a restraining order against the other tenant to keep him away from them and restrict his ability to agitate the situation further. Opposition papers, reply papers, audio and video recordings were also filed and considered. The matter went to court where, after a certain amount of discussion and mediation, the parties were able to enter into agreements where they mutually agreed to stay away from each other, not disparage each other and not engage in any harassment.

It takes a pretty good-hearted residential landlord to bring in some litigation help for tenants on his dime. But as we know, disputes are EVERYWHERE. And when those things get nasty and legal including contract issues, landlord/tenant matters, nuisance ADA claims and even collections, be sure to bring in the good guy litigator Dean Sperling who will resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind!