California’s Low Flow Shower Head Regulations Disputed by New Jersey Manufacturer

Pssst man, do you have any high flow shower heads?  Yeah, that’s the good stuff!  

A New Jersey company that sells shower heads claims California is attempting to impose its regulations on it despite not doing business in that state.

Interlink Products International filed its lawsuit against members of the California Natural Resources Agency on June 23 in New Jersey federal court.

The agency has adopted regulations that require shower heads sold in the state to have a maximum water flow in order to conserve water. As of 2018, the flow rates in California were dropped to a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute, which are now the strictest standards in the country. 

But the agency is now targeting sales that occur over the internet, the suit says.

“Defendants ignore the well-settled rule… that telephone, mail order and internet sales that are delivered to customers by common carrier take place at the location where the goods are transferred to the common carrier,” the lawsuit says.

“In Interlink’s case, its products that are pertinent to this lawsuit ship from New Jersey or locations other than California, and Interlink does not offer to make sales of those shower heads in California.”

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