The Complexity of Some Legal Disputes

An esports streaming star and a well-known media company is turning into a three-ring litigation circus that will likely continue into 2020.

Turner Tenney – the famed Fortnite player and streaming star known as “Tfue” – sued the well-known esports and media company FaZe Clan in California state court. The suit sparked a media frenzy and shined a spotlight on labor and employment law issues in the rapidly growing esports and video gaming industry. Tfue sought to undo his allegedly oppressive three-year contract with FaZe Clan and asserted that the company had deprived him of business opportunities and failed to pay him his share of sponsorship revenues.

From there, it become a California state court case with the state labor commissioner. And then another action was filed in New York federal district court.

According to news sources, in the span of a few months, the dispute had morphed into a complex, multijurisdictional litigation worthy of a law school exam question covering Civil Procedure, the Federal Courts, and Administrative Law. The parties and courts began working toward answers: FaZe Clan moved to dismiss or stay the California state court action based on the New York forum selection clause. Tfue moved to dismiss or stay the New York action under the “Colorado River abstention doctrine,” which would permit the federal court to decline jurisdiction over the FaZe Clan action in favor of Tfue’s parallel state proceedings in California.

And the ride just keeps going, action after action costing both sides time and money. Legal disputes are like that. And when those things negatively affect YOU and YOUR business including, contract issues, nuisance ADA claims, landlord-tenant matters and collections, call on the good guy business litigator Dean Sperling who will work to resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind!

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