Two-way radio technology used by utility workers in noisy legal dispute

Radio technology that’s critical to helping utility workers deal with California wildfires is at the heart of a trial that pits an iconic American brand against a Chinese firm accused of corporate espionage.

Motorola Solutions Inc. wants a federal jury in Chicago to order its Chinese rival Hytera Communications Corp. to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in damages over what it claims was stolen know-how related to two-way radios used by utility workers, construction crews, school officials and others.

According to news sources, the case is the latest instance of an American company accusing a Chinese firm of stealing ideas or acting on behalf of China’s communist leaders. Huawei Technologies Co. is also currently facing criminal charges that it stole phone-testing information from T-Mobile US Inc..

Motorola Solutions, based in Chicago, contends that Hytera, its former distributor, hired away workers as part of a plan to steal technology and compete in the market for digital radios. The systems enable two-way communications even in dire situations like the wildfires in California or other disasters where radio towers are not working properly.

“We believe that Hytera’s unlawful acts create an unfair playing field and threaten the industry’s ability to innovate, ultimately hurting customers,” said Motorola Solutions General Counsel Mark Hacker.

Hytera in turn has accused Motorola Solutions of abusing its superior market power to hobble competition, and has an antitrust lawsuit pending against the bigger company.

“While Hytera seeks only fair competition based on innovation, Motorola Solutions continues to try only to drive out competitors, doing everything from forcing radio dealers to drop competitors’ products, to emailing our dealers and customers with blatant misinformation,” the company said in a statement.

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