Why Is Settling a Legal Dispute Considered Losing?

According to the experts at The Law Dictionary, about 95 percent of pending lawsuits end in some sort of a pre-trial settlement. And yet many clients of lawyers and law firms still think of settling a case as “losing.” This perception is truly fascinating given how many cases actually see the inside of a courtroom. 

So we caught up with our legal expert, Dean Sperling, to ask him about this phenomenon and he had this to say.

“When entering this legal world, it’s very important to keep your emotions out of it,” Sperling advises. “We have clients that want to teach someone a lesson or make someone pay, but the legal system is inefficient and costly—so everyone pays. He goes on to say, “Clients need to be able to make business decisions about business cases, pushing for outcomes like creating more favorable business conditions or establishing a policy that needs to be there or even to prevent further actions. But trying to somehow punish individuals for what we perceive to be their bad behavior in civil court really doesn’t ever work out well.”

Also legal actions designed as a profit strategy seldom work out. Dean recalls when he first learned a lesson about doing things just for monetary gains.  

“I learned early on in law school that doing things for money alone is a bad idea.  At that time I didn’t have enough money for an anniversary gift for my wife so I answered an ad to do legal research. The firm turned out to be very controlling, looking only for the one answer they wanted without regard for the actual law and, on top of it, was not willing to pay enough to have the work done right. I withdrew from the assignment and said I’ll pick a flower and give it to my wife—and that experience really taught me not to say yes anymore to anything just for dollars.”

Disputes, like flowers, are growing everywhere. And when those terrible things like landlord/tenant matters, contract issues, nuisance ADA actions or even collections threaten YOU and YOUR business, call on the good guy business litigator Dean Sperling who will work to resolve (and yes that sometimes does mean settle) YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind!