What Technology Will Have the Greatest Impact on the Legal Industry?

Technology is our greatest advancement and our greatest hindrance at the same time. Today, we are more connected than ever, but studies show, our interpersonal relationships have suffered. We have an infinite amount of things to entertain us, but we are more stressed out than ever before. Tech plays a big role in every industry, but HOW will things play out in the legal space? Our own Dean Sperling sat down to address that question recently.

He said, “Artificial intelligence clearly will affect the legal industry.  It won’t replace an actual attorney in the courtroom anytime soon, but it will heavily impact the documents presently researched and prepared by attorneys.   Legal research programs already use rudimentary AI in their search engines using key words for locating cases on topic regarding precedents.  More advanced AI in connection with preparation of transactional documents (contracts, sales, wills, trusts), legal briefs (for use in court disputes) will eventually lower the cost of providing such services to clients, much as computer research replaced books, and will “level” the playing field amongst attorneys and those individual representing themselves.”

And there you have it. One thing that probably won’t change in the future is the amount of legal disputes out there. They are everywhere. And when they negatively affect YOU and YOUR BUSINESS, call on the highly intelligent, good guy litigator, Dean Sperling, who will work to resolve your matter with YOUR best interests in mind!