The Future of the Legal Industry

When you think about “the future,” you’re mind is filled with Jetsons-like images of flying cars, automatic food preparation, robots and mind-blowing technology. But in reality, the future just sorta creeps up on us and then, boom it’s here. Well, the legal profession has many changes in store and our resident legal eagle Dean Sperling recently gave his thoughts about where things are headed.

So, Dean, what is the future of the legal industry?

Dean: “The future appears to be a “shake out” amongst those licensed to practice. There have been discussions regarding the restrictive nature of licensing of attorneys versus the need to assure the quality of those representing the public in our courts. Regardless of how that discussion eventually ends up, the ability of individuals to represent themselves in court aided by websites and services means less work for individual attorneys and creates downward pressure on the fees. Business clients are no longer willing to pay high fees for the work performed and look for flat fees or limits on total fees. The foregoing will act as pressure on the legal market making the investment to become an attorney less attractive lessening the number of attorneys entering the industry.”

And there you have it. One thing we KNOW the future will have is disputes. They are everywhere and will continue to be everywhere (until the machine overlords take over).

So when those things affect YOU and YOUR business such as landlord/tenant matters, contract issues, collections and those nuisance ADA suits, call in your soothsaying, good-guy business litigator, Dean Sperling who will work to resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind!