Ecuador Gives Up 26-Year Legal Fight Against Texaco/Chevron and Cleans Up Amazon Oil Spill

Two decades is a long time to be in court. And according to sources, after 26 years of legal actions in Ecuador, the United States, Canada and Europe that failed to result in any significant cleanup effort of areas affected by crude oil spills, Ecuadorean authorities will start to clean up polluted areas to try to stop the damage from pollution caused by Texaco (now owned by Chevron).  

Chevron does not dispute that pollution occurred, but said it is not liable, because Texaco assets that caused the pollution and liabilities were transferred to the Ecuadorean government in the 1990s. According to a Chevron statement, there was an accord as part of a 1992 audit that determined Texaco had to pay a $40 million remediation program to Ecuador. After the payment, the U.S. company obtained a full release from any environmental liability, Chevron has said. However, the Ecuadorean government only partially cleaned up the spill due to insufficient funds.

According to the Business & Human Rights Resource Center, the oil pollution in Ecuador has been described as “one of the largest environmental disasters in history” by Rainforest Action Network in May 2010.

Pollution there caused illnesses and population displacement because polluted water was local residents’ only source for fishing and drinking.

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