Following Legal Dispute, Memphis Jewelry Store Paving Paradise to Put Up a Parking Lot

Ki Kim, a business owner in Memphis, TN, is seeking a special-use permit to create a 94-space, paid-parking lot in front of his jewelry store. The reason for the new lot is pretty interesting.  

It’s not that the area’s commercial districts have become so densely developed and pedestrian friendly that demand has been created for paid parking. Rather, the proposal stems from a long-running legal dispute between two neighboring businesses.

Kim has been in a years-long conflict with neighboring Southbrook Town Centre over the use of his parking lot by Southbrook’s visitors. Kim proposes to fence off the southern fourth of his parking lot – the side closest to Southbrook – with a gate to control access for paying parkers.

“Applicant wants to develop four lanes of parking lot (126’ x 469’) adjacent to Southbrook Mall due to frequent parking by their customers without consent and contribution to maintenance” of the parking lot, states Kim’s letter of intent that is part of the application. “The parking problems are getting worse with the recent redevelopment of Southbrook Mall especially during weekend…,” Kim’s letter states.

Kim’s jewelry store occupies only a fraction of his building, and he and his son Andrew Kim are evaluating the possibility of opening an indoor trampoline park. The parking issue “will be even worse when the trampoline park will open at 1232 E. Shelby Drive,” the letter states.

And the other side, Southbrook, has had a long-running conflict with Kim, says the area does not need Kim’s proposed parking lot and has no intention of paying to help maintain it.

So for Kim, the new parking lot would be…paradise. For Southbrook, not so much. And thus, the courts will once again get involved to sort things out. Legal disputes like this one are EVERYWHERE. And when they park on YOUR company’s doorstep, call in the good guy litigator Dean Sperling who will work to resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind!

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