San Diego Law Firm Files Lawsuit against PG&E on Behalf of Camp Fire Victims

A San Diego law firm has filed a lawsuit in Butte County Superior Court on behalf of families injured and impacted by the November 2018 Camp wildfire. The suit alleges that the fire began with a malfunctioning high-voltage power line, one that Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) knew about and failed to repair.

“Our investigation has revealed that PG&E knew about the high fire risk of danger on Nov. 8 and yet they failed to safely maintain its equipment causing tragic deaths and loss of homes,” attorney Angela Jae Chun told The SJ Mercury News.

The lawsuit, filed with co-counsel Thomas Tosdal and Michael Feinberg on behalf of 35 families, claims that the utility company was notified about sparks falling from power lines in Paradise over the course of two years. PG&E reportedly said it would repair the line on Nov. 7, but the company failed to do so. Tragically, the fire started on Nov. 8 and rapidly spread throughout Paradise and elsewhere in Butte County. 

“It’s important to remember that the cause (of the ‘Camp Fire’) has yet to be determined,” PG&E said in a statement to Reuters when the suit was first filed.

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