Virtual Reality Ends In a Real Lawsuit Settlement for John Carmack and Zenimax Media

Veteran programmer and Oculus CTO John Carmack has come an agreement with Zenimax Media after filing a lawsuit against the company last year. Carmack took Zenimax to court last year to sue for $22.5 million he claimed was still owed after Id Software was acquired by the company in 2009.

Carmack recently revealed through Twitter that this particular dispute has been closed. He and Zenimax have reached an agreement, the details of which have not been made public. But just like any good video game, there’s another level and this isn’t the end of Carmack’s overall disputes with Zenimax. He sits at the center of an ongoing dispute between his former employer and current studio Oculus. Zenimax claims code belonging to the company was stolen by Carmack and used to help launch Oculus’ VR hardware.

This summer, judges ruled that Zenimax could not halt sales of Oculus hardware, and halved an earlier $500 million payout owed to the publisher.

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