In-N-Out Lawyers Have Fun with Cease and Desist Letter

If you can’t have fun with the law, then what good is it? Well, beloved (and always crowded) burger chain In-N-Out seemed to get a laugh over San Francisco brewery Seven Stills’ new can offering, a “neapolitan” milk stout called, irreverently, In-N-Stout.

And before the amusement subsided, In-N-Out’s lawyers drew up a cease and desist that included no less than nine puns about brewing and distilling (as Seven Stills is also a distillery).

“Please understand that use of our marks by third parties ales us to the extent that this could cause confusion in the marketplace or prevent us from protecting our marks in the future,” the document read. “We hope you appreciate, however, that we are attempting to clearly distill our rights by crafting an amicable approach with you, rather than barrel through this.”

Seven Stills co-owner Tim Obert says the company “expected to receive the cease and desist” and was not surprised when it arrived several weeks ago. He adds that they will honor In-N-Out’s letter, and will release the beer with different packaging on Thursday at all three of their San Francisco locations.

This dispute between two companies was resolved in a funny and amicable way, but that’s not always the case. And when legal disputes get “legal” and nasty, especially landlord/tenant matters, contract issues and even collections, call on the tasty legal skills of Dean Sperling who will work to resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind! 

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