The Case of the Rigged Ambulance Bids in Contra Costa County

If you need an ambulance, chances are you need it RIGHT NOW and you aren’t asking many questions along the way. And for the past three years, 911 ambulance service in Contra Costa County has been provided by a unique public-private partnership that’s sources say has improved performance and generated millions in revenue used to defray firefighting costs. It’s sounding pretty good, right?

But recent allegations by an obscure state agency, the California Emergency Medical Services Authority (CEMSA), that ConFire colluded with the county’s local Emergency Medical Services Agency (say it isn’t so!) to rig bidding on contracts underlying the partnership has ignited a legal catfight bringing into question just how much power a state regulatory agency has to dictate local contracting practices.

CEMSA accused Contra Costa officials of engaging in anti-competitive behavior by conspiring to manipulate the bidding process for an emergency ambulance service contract and further claimed county Supervisors had a conflict of interest when they voted to approve it.

On the other side, officials say the allegations are “unjustified” and that state actions will have no immediate impact on response to 911 calls.

As sure as the fact that people will need ambulances QUICKLY in emergency situations, when humans are involved, there will be disputes…about everything. And when those nasty things affect YOU and YOUR business (contract issues, landlord/tenant matters and even collections) dial the litigator who’s been called the 911 call for business law, Dean Sperling who will work to resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind!

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