Fraud is Fraud

Have you ever wondered what makes seemingly normal people do bad things? I mean, are they just not being “the best versions of themselves” as some therapists would say—or are they just plain old scumbags?

Dean Sperling Law is in the middle of an interesting fraud case with people who aren’t being the “best versions of themselves” for sure. Dean’s client is a financial services company that provides b2b financing for companies who need cash for insurance premiums for their vehicle fleets among other things. And like everything in the insurance game, there are brokers involved who receive commissions for their part in these usually fairly large transactions.

Now one of the customers, a trucking company, received a loan, but was unable to pay. But upon a closer look, it became clear that a certain individual was on the Board of Directors for BOTH the trucking company as well as the brokerage handling the transaction. Of course, failure to disclose this is fraud and this individual actually made one loan payment (prior to the loan default) with his own personal credit card!

So,on behalf of his financial services client, Dean sued on theory of fraud and conversion (basically stealing money that doesn’t belong to you) and since the “dual board” individual made one payment — that’s basically an admission that the money is,in fact,owed. What’s really interesting here is that a judgment in this case can be good for 10 years (which can be renewed) and accrues interest at 10 percent and can involve liens on personal property (real estate) and other hard to shake legal tactics until the debt is paid in full.

So people can lie and they can cheat, but they can’t outrun the long arm of Dean Sperling Law, a firm that hates fraud and always works to resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind!