The Impassable Dream

Remember that one kid who usually brought the baseball or football to your neighborhood games? And of course, being the major equipment supplier in those days meant a far greater say in the actual “rules” of the game.  If by some chance things didn’t go his way, he would leave the game, taking the ball away and stopping play altogether. Pretty mature.

Well, we have like 535 of those kinds of kids working on our behalf right now in Washington — Members of Congress. When they disagree, the ball gets taken away and that was pretty much the cause of the U.S. Government Shutdown this past weekend when neither side could agree on a bill to keep funding the big ol’ gov’t machine.

And why you might ask?  Well, just to summarize this thing — Democrats wanted a better resolution on the DACA or “Dreamers” situation affecting immigration policy and the Republicans didn’t see the need to tie those two things together. So they argued and they fought—and when they couldn’t agree on things, both sides took the ball and went home. Yep, pretty mature.  

But they brought the ball back and started playing again when it became clear that a TON of pressure was going to build up unless everyone there decided to play nice. (btw that’s like your Mom watching the game from the kitchen window and making sure nothing stupid happens in the inter-game rules and politics). Nice job, Mom!

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