From the Sperling Law Files: How Much Are You Prepared to Spend to Be Right?

One of the biggest problems with human beings is our reliance on emotions to guide our entire thought process. It’s how we’re wired, how we grow up (if we grow up) and how we typically see the world. George Clooney’s character in the movie The Three Kings says “man’s most important desire is not to be loved, but to be right.” And he’s correct about that. But in the legal arena, proving yourself “right” can sometimes be a very expensive proposition.

Take the recent Sperling Law case involving a large building used primarily for indoor swap meets. Now the owner of this property had about 50 individual swap meet lease agreements with 50 temporary (month to month) business tenants. And everything is moving along just fine until the building owner wants to sell the property and to do this all of the swap meet leases must be terminated and the tenants have to leave. Sounds easy, right?

Half of them do leave, but the other half (some who haven’t even paid rent yet) want to stay and so they join forces and get a lawyer who files a lawsuit claiming there was “mold” on the property and “health dangers” (which by the way is a greater incentive to leave the building.)

Dean Sperling is called in to represent the building owner and serves notices as a precursor to filing an unlawful detainer action to accomplish the main objective – clear the building. But nothing is that easy and there is back and forth communication and way too much legal activity – all for a building that supposedly has mold and some month-to-month lease agreements. Negotiations continued and the matter is eventually settled.  …All of that trouble just to be “right.”

Disputes are the cost of doing business today and they can grow (like mold) just about anywhere at any time. When they grow on YOUR business, call in the only litigator with rubber boots and a blowdryer to resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind.