When the Judge Doesn’t Like Your Case

Ahhh justice. The hallowed principle behind our court system and the idea that people are treated fairly, equally and well…justly. And that would be well and good were it not for the actual human beings involved who at times are possibly not the best people to be providing any sort of justice.

For example, what if the judge assigned to your case really doesn’t “like” it? You don’t see that on Law and Order: Business Dispute Division, but in the real world, these things can happen. Case in point, a couple of cousins from New York decide to manage a piece of property 50/50 in Los Angeles together and form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).

Now, one of the cousins is appointed manager of the property, which he does for 10 years. Then later on down the line, he sells the property and the money goes into the LLC. …And now the plot is about to thicken.

The appointed property manager and let’s just call him “the defendant” takes his share of the money from the sale plus an additional $90K, which he says is for his time to manage the property and this was mutually agreed by both cousins. Of course, it wasn’t and now we head to court for some good ol’ American justice!

Dean Sperling is now hired by the other cousin and his discovery finds multiple monetary distributions out of the LLC and nothing resembling a contract between the cousins about additional funds owed for property management.  Yet the money is still gone. The defendant now claims he doesn’t have the money and is under a doctor’s care for “stress” (Note: stealing money and being sued for it by your cousin is stressful btw). Dean asked for the financial records and the defendant hasn’t been able to produce them.

And to top everything off, the judge really doesn’t like the case and has made that clear. With a jury trial looming later this year, a judge that doesn’t like any of it and yet still the need for true justice out there, you can easily see the uncertainties of litigation in action.

Whether inside or outside of the family, disputes happen and they can be messy. When they happen to YOUR business be sure you have a very likable litigator such as Dean Sperling on your side who can resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind.