Is A.I. Dispute Resolution Possible?

Most people would agree that technology is a pretty good thing. It’s why we can cook food in seconds, not hours, play music from our watches and make an international phone call without really even using a phone line. But Jennifer Grippa, mediator from Atlanta has some interesting thoughts about tech in a piece she wrote for the Daily Report. She says dispute resolution is evolving and that “companies are frequently including alternative dispute resolution provisions in their agreements to mitigate costs and improve efficiency. They often look to mediation as an initial step in resolving their problems.”She continues, “technology is transforming the dispute resolution industry.

Online dispute resolution platforms are providing access for consumers to resolve disputes regardless of their geography or jurisdiction. Advanced video conferencing transcends distance, allowing parties to participate in negotiations remotely. Mediations and arbitrations may include the use of I-pads, tablets, Skype, social media as evidence, document-sharing programs, legal industry apps, or tech tools that create visual graphics, allowing parties to show their case in an understandable and engaging way. Because technology is easy to use and convenient, it creates effective ways for parties to access information and communicate their positions. It also opens up new and creative ways for dispute resolution professionals who embrace technology to intervene, and parties and their lawyers to engage in the dispute resolution process.”

She even says that artificial intelligence (A.I.) could someday play a role in resolving disputes among humans. And she makes some good points. Technology may be changing dispute resolution both in and out of the courtroom, but one thing that isn’t changing is our inborn ability to dispute pretty much anything and argue about everything.

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