The Things Tenants Do to Landlords

So you want to be a commercial landlord?
Well, how do you feel about one of your tenants filling your lovely commercial space with chickens, exotic birds, fish and snakes… and leaving them there until most are dead?

Because that’s EXACTLY what happened recently in Montclair, California where nearly 2,000 animals, including chickens, exotic birds, fish and snakes, were found inside a commercial building, police said. Many of the animals were reportedly dead. According to ABC News, police responded to a call at the warehouse after hearing noises coming from the industrial complex.

“This is the worst that I’ve ever seen in my nine years with the organization,” said Silvia Lemos of the Montclair Human Society. “Inhuman conditions, deplorable conditions, completely unsanitary.” The owner of the animals now faces felony animal cruelty charges.

Now, this is a pretty extreme (and fairly gross) example of some of the things commercial tenants do to commercial landlords, but let’s face it, tenant businesses kind of do what they want to the buildings and they don’t always have the funds to make good on their obligations.

Landlord/Tenant disputes are pretty common. And sometimes they can be avoided with clear lease language and solid agreements up front. That’s why some of the very best and (100 percent snake-and-exotic-bird-free) commercial landlords in California call in Dean Sperling to resolve things the right way. And when disputes like this affect YOUR business, Dean will be there to resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind.

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