From the Sperling Law Case Files: Expensive Lessons Swing Both Ways

Oh, we humans just LOVE to teach other humans not to mess with us. Many of us should have advanced degrees in education for how many of these “lessons” we want to deliver. But, as this case from the files of Dean Sperling will show us, sometimes the lesson is expensive for BOTH parties and the best resolution is to get out of the classroom as quickly as possible.

So the case involves a nice plaintiff in Corona Del Mar, California who bought a lovely and pretty expensive sliding glass door for their new home. Birds were singing and everyone was pretty happy, not like Disney happy where animals are talking and stuff, but you know, happy.

And then…the door, which was installed by professionals, somehow didn’t really work, meaning you as a person could not use it to travel from the outside to the inside of the house in a portal-esqe manner.  Door doesn’t work — you get it. Ok, the whole matter was about a $20K deal.  The window company contractor’s attorney gets involved and sends a “ok, we’re gonna sue you because you didn’t pay us” letter that truly appears to miss all of the pertinent facts of the case. Dean Sperling jumps in with a response and points out how the letter was “demonstrably inaccurate” (great phrase).

At this point, we have a full blown door-related dispute or DRD as they are known. Note: no one calls them this, but an acronym felt like the right thing to do there. So our DRD has escalated and now everyone wants to fight about everything. But, all parties should be looking to settle this case quickly because the legal fees are easily going rise above the cost of fixing or replacing the original door in no time. And both sides want to teach the other “a lesson.”

Here’s the actual lesson and what Dean advocates in situations like this one — settle and get out of this as quickly and efficiently as possible. Otherwise, Orange County is going to have a jury trial about a lovely glass door. Never forget that when you’re teaching people a lesson, school can get REALLY expensive for both parties. Dean Sperling gives you the counsel and experience you need to get matters resolved with YOUR best interests in mind.