UFC Contract Dispute Might Get Bloody

What’s the most popular and violent contact sport in the world right now? Litigation.  But a close second is probably the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) where combatants face off with no pads and no gloves, just lots of rage. The current champ, Michael Bisping is full of rage outside of the ring too and has been forced back to the UK to settle a contract dispute at the High Court in London.

The dispute involves Bisping’s ex-coach, Anthony McGann, owner of the Liverpool-based Wolfslair gym, who claims that ‘The Count’ owes him $349k, according to The Daily Star UK. McGann, who has ties with Liverpool gangster Stephen Clarke, says Bisping didn’t pay the full costs of his six-year contract from 2005-11, but Bisping alleges that his former coach forged a new contract to swindle money out of him. McGann presented the contract to the court, but Bisping said that “the contract I signed was not that big. It was to Wolfslair, not McGann. It’s not the contract I signed. It didn’t even have my name on it – it was a template.” McGann, of course, claims that Bisping signed the contract and agreed to a six-year deal. The Daily Star reports that Bisping accused McGann ‘concocting’ the lawsuit with ‘fabricated’ documents.

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