Secret Work Papers and Self-Driving Cars

The world is filled with disputes. This one drives itself…all the way to court. Ok, story time — So, once upon a time in a land just up the way, there was a big company called Google/Alphabet, etc who dreamed of making self-driving cars. Some brainy guys left that company to start another one called Waymo, which dreamed of creating self-driving cars. Then two of those guys left Waymo to start yet another company still dreaming of making self-driving cars and THAT company called “Otto” was bought by Uber, which you use when you’ve had too much to drink or find yourself a stranger in a strange land…without a car.

Waymo ’s lawsuit (yep, it got legal) alleges that longtime Waymo engineer Anthony Levandowski downloaded over 14,000 confidential documents before leaving the company to start Otto. Waymo claims Uber, which subsequently bought Otto, benefited from the trade secrets theft. Quite a dispute indeed!

Here’s our point — where are the self-driving cars? We see disputes, but no cars. Hmmmm. And on another note, where are the flying cars we’re supposed to be zooming around here in the future world of 2017? Because it looks like we’re still firmly on the ground and steadily behind the wheel.

But in any business, even this cautionary fairy tale, legal disputes can happen. When they happen to YOUR business in the areas of landlord/tenant matters, contract disputes or even collections, let the “Aesop of the Legal World,” Dean Sperling take your case and resolve YOUR matter with YOUR best interests in mind.
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