Small Town Gilmore Girls Festival Dispute Launches Freedom of Information Act Complaint

Some legal disputes can be very serious.  …And others involve The Gilmore Girls.  Oh, get your popcorn ready for this one.

So the popular network (and now Netflix) TV show was based in Stars Hollow, Connecticut — a charming small town. And that town was inspired by the very real town of Washington, Connecticut.

And according to The Hartford Courant, “it’s just that component of small-town Connecticut life that has sparked a case before the state’s Freedom of Information Commission.”

Apparently, George Bartholomew and other Washington residents claim that they were not given notice about the October Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, an event that drew hundreds of fans to the town with a population of 3,700, before tickets went on sale. About 1,200 tickets to the festival, priced at $175 for general admission, were sold out within 12 hours after they were released in August. (Just Wow!)

In late August, Bartholomew formally requested documents surrounding the town’s arrangement with festival organizers. He filed a complaint with the state Freedom of Information Commission after he said First Selectman Mark Lyon provided two documents: what Bartholomew described as “an early draft of an agreement, along with a draft of a one-page handout” described as a fact sheet. Bartholomew has insisted that there must have been other records associated with the event, such as a signed contract, use permits or insurance documents.

Disputes happen. Some are serious like the ones Dean Sperling handles for his clients involving landlord/tenant matters, contracts and even collections. And some involve disclosures of documents for fan festivals of The Gilmore Girls, which are apparently quite popular. Just imagine real human people having to deal with this silly matter in court! Oh, it’s happening. When disputes happen to your business, call on Dean who will get them resolved with YOUR best interests in mind.

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