The Escalation of Minor Disputes

You know the story — a group of teenagers walk through a neighbor’s yard on their way home from school. It happens. But this particular lawn belongs to an off-duty Los Angeles police officer who confronts the group, a skirmish ensues and ultimately the officer fires a single shot from his gun to scare and scatter the crowd and try to end the conflict.

But the story doesn’t quite end there. This incident was captured on video and of course went viral driving more than 300 protesters into the streets bringing about 23 arrests and a lot of vandalism to the officer’s home. But things can still escalate from here because the Anaheim police are investigating the altercation along with the LAPD and the Inspector General (not to be confused with Inspector Gadget). So…this is going to court.

And it all started with some fairly innocent trespassing. Isn’t it fascinating how very minor disputes can escalate so quickly?

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