Creative Office Space

As the economy improves and the job market tightens up, the competition for talent usually means more demand for creative office space. And according to CBRE Research and the Orange County Business Journal, OC developers are looking for more creative office space (space that is different from modular block looking, boring old office space).

In fact, of the 2.3 million square feet of office space under construction, 537,200 is designated as “creative” and another 211,200 will have creative aspects. According to CBRE’s Global Occupier Survey, 50 percent of respondents in the Americas said that talent was the main driver in their location decisions. Additionally, 57 percent said that employee attraction and retention is what shapes workplace strategy. Close to home, the emergence of more tech sector companies explains some of the increased demand for creative office space.

No matter your office space, you don’t want any creative language sneaking into your lease that you’ll be litigating later. So it’s a good idea to work with a trusted legal partner like Dean Sperling Law to review your lease language and make sure it works for you.  And if someone is getting creative with legal matters affecting your business including unlawful detainer actions, collections or business litigation, then call on Dean to resolve your matter with YOUR best interests in mind.