Disputing Money Like Water

Ahh, water. El agua. Source of all life and source material for coffee, some fine ice tea or lemonade. And due to our drought conditions the past few years here in California, quite the source of controversy and disputes too.

In fact, one of the Bay Area’s wealthiest communities has a small uprising on its hands: a group of millionaires angry about water rates. And local leaders are moving to quash it. Attorneys for the town of Hillsborough filed court documents this month defending the practice of hitting residents with higher water rates when they use more of the stuff, a policy that helps encourage conservation.

But nine people in the town, where homes historically consume three times as much water as elsewhere, say the bigger bills don’t reflect the cost of providing the water — and are therefore unconstitutional. They’re suing the town in an attempt to lower prices and recoup their payments. The suit alleges that fines, which have been common across the state as cities push for water savings during five years of drought, should also correlate with costs.

Imagine that! Two sides who are looking at the same exact issue yet don’t see it exactly the same way.  That’s supposed to be when the court system comes to our rescue, but as we all know, when disputes are escalated like this, things rarely become more simple.

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