Bad Press Causes Pentagon to Reverse Course on National Guard Bonus Issue

The LA Times broke a story this past Saturday detailing how the California National Guard, short of troops to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan 10 years ago, “enticed thousands of soldiers (to serve) with bonuses of $15,000 or more to reenlist and go to war.”

And now…the Pentagon has demanded the money back. How nice of them. Nothing says “thank you for serving America” with the same warmth as an invoice.

But the bright media spotlight on this issue (during an election year) caused a course reversal (the likes of which have not been seen since Speed Racer cartoons from the 1970’s) with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter ordering the Pentagon to suspend all efforts to collect reimbursement from thousands of California National Guard members who were improperly given enlistment bonuses.

“I want to be clear: This process has dragged on too long, for too many service members,” Carter said. “Too many cases have languished without action. That’s unfair to service members and to taxpayers.”

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