Making Money Like Water

When one or more people are involved in pretty much anything, there are bound to be disagreements and disputes. Like when a timber company decided it could make more money bottling spring water than selling it to local residents of Weed, California, that created some animosity.

According to the NY Times — Roseburg Forest Products, an Oregon-based (timber) company that owns the pine forest where the spring surfaces, is demanding that the city of Weed get its water elsewhere.

“The city needs to actively look for another source of water,” said Ellen Porter, the director of environmental affairs for Roseburg who led the company’s negotiations with the city. “Roseburg is not in a position to guarantee the availability of that water for a long period of time.”

For the past 50 years, the company charged the city $1 a year for use of water from the Beaughan Spring. As of July, it began charging $97,500 annually. A contract signed this year directs the city to look for alternative sources.  The timber company plans to bottle and sell the water to a company in Japan. Oh, the plot thickens.

For now, residents may have to dig more wells or find another source of water in a matter that will certainly end up in front of local courts sooner than later.  Like we said, disputes happen.  When they happen to you, make sure your company calls Dean Sperling Law — always there to resolve your matter with your best interests in mind.

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