Serving Two Masters

Ever heard of dual-agency representation? Dual agency occurs when one real estate company represents both the tenant and the landlord or building owner.

In commercial real estate, sometimes one broker will represent both a landlord and a business owner in a transaction for an office, retail or industry lease. Sometimes a dual-agency situation consists of one individual on both sides of the negotiations. Other times, it can be two individuals within the same firm.

When you use a dual agency, there is always a question as to where loyalties truly lie — with the business owner/tenant or with the landlord?  You would think and hope that everyone is looking for the most fair deal (for everyone) and the deal is signed under a rainbow with everyone holding hands and singing kum-ba-yah.

But that ain’t always the real world, folks. Whether you’re the tenant or the landlord, your matters aren’t really the same as theirs and you need to have YOUR side represented to make sure it’s the best possible deal for YOU. Before you sign, contact Dean Sperling Law to resolve your matter with YOUR best interests in mind.

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