California to Lock Down Super Pollutants with New Legislation

Businesses rarely cheer when the gov’t feels the need to regulate. Case in point: the latest greenhouse gases bill, which targets not only black carbon and other super pollutants, but also the methane emissions from cows and their manure.  Yes, friends, your state gov’t now regulates the flatulence of farm animals. Take a moment and bask in the pride of just knowing that and realize that it is now someone’s actual job to monitor said cow “emissions.” Awesome.

According to news sources, “This category of greenhouse gases can be hundreds or even thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide and account for about 15 percent of all emissions in the state, according to officials with the California Air Resources Board.”

Further, the law requires that by 2030, annual methane and hydrofluorocarbon emissions must be slashed by 40 percent and human-caused black carbon by 50 percent below 2013 levels. Forest fires, which emit large amounts of black carbon, are not factored into the target.

So yes the gov’t gets involved in all sorts of things generally related to business here in the Golden State and of course, there will be disputes and lawsuits. When these involve YOUR company, bring in Dean Sperling Law who will work to resolve your matter with YOUR best interests in mind. No cows were harmed in the creation of this post.

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