Client Questions Vol 3: Getting From Point A to B

We’ve been spoiled by the recent coming of age of the GPS. It allows us to go around traffic and pretty much forget how to get anywhere because all we need to do is type in the address and the GPS will get us from point A to point B quickly, efficiently and will even talk us through the steps.

When a legal dispute arises, one of the most common questions Dean Sperling fields is “how can we get this resolved for the least amount of money and pain?” The question comes up whether the client is a small business or a multi-million-dollar company. How do we get from point A to point B quickly while being charged reasonably for the services? …And like a legal GPS, Dean knows the way.

Like in a recent bankruptcy case where a relative had apparently helped herself to a lot of money that wasn’t hers. (naughty). Dean came in, obtained a judgment for the money taken along with double damages allowed by state law totaling $80K plus costs. The Court found for Sperling Law’s client on literally every factual and legal point at issue.  Matter resolved. You have reached your destination.

In this case, litigation was necessary and was the fastest and least painful way to point B, but every case is different. So the next time your business encounters a dispute, call on Sperling Law who can get it resolved for you with your best interests in mind.