Water Tunnel Plan Opens New Disputes

In life, we all make assumptions. Some are necessary such as, “I assume the rest of the cars will stop at the red light and we won’t go smashing into each other.” But sometimes you see stories about assumptions that just boggle the mind with their lunacy. Here’s one of those and the writer (San Jose Mercury News) does a fantastic job of summing it up:

“A half century after building the largest water-delivery system in America, California officials say they now realize they put their giant straws to capture Delta water in the wrong place.”
So situations like this are when “doh” doesn’t quite capture it. Of course, the new plan to fix it comes with disputes.

The story continues, “Critics in Northern California call the plan a water grab destined to harm the Delta environment, fish and farmers. The 700-square-mile mile region of rivers and sloughs will end up with dirtier, saltier water with more toxic algae, while very little will be done to improve overall water supplies, they say.”

We don’t always see the same situation in the same way and that’s when our court system goes to work to figure out a solution. When your business runs into its next dispute (and it will), call on Dean Sperling to get your matter resolved with your best interests in mind.  And enjoy your next glass of water or shower knowing that lots of smart people probably put pipes in the wrong places to bring it to you.

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