New Report Shows Strong Demand for Industrial Space Through 2019

The latest Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast California Commercial Real Estate Survey signals that California commercial real estate continues its boom, but as U.S. economic growth slows, there are signs of this boom topping out.

The report says “Industrial markets, particularly the warehouse segment, remain on fire. This optimism, expressed in each of the markets surveyed, continues to be manifested in new building. With extremely low vacancy rates at present and an optimistic view by developers, the building boom should continue through at least 2019. The basic underlying economic forces driving the demand for industrial space in California are the export of goods to Asia and Mexico, U.S. importation of consumer goods from Asia and e-commerce.”

When developers are showing an “optimistic” view, you should break out the champagne and party hats, people. But even in the “boom” times, legal disputes can happen. And of course, when they do, that’s when you want to call Dean Sperling Law specializing in contractual disputes and working with landlords in landlord/tenant matters. Dean always works hard to resolve these matters with your best interests in mind.

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