When Disputes Get Really Nasty

According to news sources, China warned other countries recently against threatening its security in the South China Sea after an international tribunal handed the Philippines a victory by saying Beijing had no legal basis for its expansive claims there. Six regional governments have overlapping claims in the South China Sea, waters that are rich in fishing stocks and potential energy resources and where an estimated $5 trillion in global trade passes each year.  So there’s money on the line as well as saving face.

Now business disputes, like the ones handled by Dean Sperling Law, can get somewhat tense at times, but nothing like this. And you can be sure that everyone is watching these developments with a bottle of Pepto close by. Don’t forget, plenty of countries have gone to war over land (and sea) claims.

You may not have to declare your own air zone in the South China Sea, but your business probably will run into a dispute or two along the way, be it a contractual dispute, landlord-tenant issue, unlawful detainer & lease dispute or even a debt collection from secured and unsecured creditors. Dean Sperling Law works hard to resolve these matters with your best interests in mind.

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