California State Transportation Agency to Oversee Uber, Lyft and Ridesharing Services

Few things in life work as well as Uber. You have a need (transportation), you open an app on your smartphone, tell it where you want to go and within a few minutes, a nice clean car arrives to take you away. No parking costs, gas, car rental insurance or returns. Just nice, clean transportation exactly how you’d want it.

So…of course the state government sees this beautiful tranquil blue pool of happiness and thinks, “how can we really mess this up for the people”  “Oh, I know!”  “Let’s regulate these services via our worst state government agency, the California State Transportation Agency.” Even the name is vague and slow to get out of your mouth.

Currently, ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft are regulated loosely by the Public Utilities Commission (yes, probably because the gov’t did not understand them well enough to know where to place them). According to The San Francisco Chronicle, “A draft proposal to reform the PUC unveiled Monday calls for the Department of Motor Vehicles to oversee licensing, registration and evidence of insurance for ride-hailed drivers, while the California Highway Patrol would handle enforcement and “select investigations.” Both organizations are part of the state’s transportation agency.”

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And if you’re liking using Uber, you might want to get your rides in before California “regulates” them right out of existence.

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