The Bar is Clearly Lower for Civil Trials

The laws that run our society can be simple like stop signs, crosswalks and speed limits, and they can be complicated like how much evidence is needed for a criminal trial vs a civil one.

The latter is on display this week in the ongoing case of OC defense attorney James Crawford and his dispute with the county about damages he suffered during a fight outside of a courtroom earlier this year. Crawford now wants $10 million from the county, which is one expensive bruise.

“It is clear criminal defense attorney James Crawford’s only interest is lining his pockets with taxpayer dollars,” said Tom Dominguez, president of the union representing (the other lawyer in the altercation) Alley. “Crawford was allowed to get away with attacking a sworn peace officer without any consequences.”

The article opines that Harris could not meet the beyond-a-reasonable-doubt level of proof necessary to file criminal charges in the altercation.  The bar, however, is lower for civil cases, a preponderance of the evidence (50 percent plus some fraction).

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