Understanding Business Law and Lawyers

If you’re a business owner, sooner or later (probably sooner) you’re going to encounter a legal dispute and have to dig into Business Law. But what is that exactly?

Simply put, it’s a branch of our legal systems that deals directly with issues, rules, policies and/or regulations which impact businesses whether directly or indirectly. Therefore as a business owner, entrepreneur or business operator, it’s a darn good idea to seek legal advice, insights, recommendation and input from lawyers specializing in business law.

For example, does your average blog reading human person know what disgorgement is?  Nope.

Well, unlike damages, which are used to compensate victims’ losses, disgorgement requires a defendant to give back gains obtained from unlawful means. For example, The New York Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday that state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman could seek to recoup millions of dollars in bonus payments to Hank Greenberg (in a fraud case surrounding Trump University) using this legal remedy.

So when you need to deal with disgorgement or any other term that appears to be just made up out of thin air, Dean Sperling Law provides the kind of good counsel and service your business needs to navigate the fun and happiness that defines our legal system. Dean will work with you to resolve your matter with your best interests in mind.

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